Intercorp Retail, a leading retail holding company, launches its comprehensive digital showcase with Seller Center

Intercorp Retail promotes the evolution of its digital ecosystem with the implementation of the Seller Center in the management of its Plaza Vea, Oechsle, Real Plaza and Promart stores.

About Intercorp

Intercorp Retail is a leading retail holding company, operating in multiple formats. Present in all regions of Peru in addition to Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia through the pharmaceutical business.

Its comprehensive platform for retail, shopping centers and consumer financing allows them to get closer and closer to a greater number of customers through recognized brands and excellent locations, meeting the needs of the different socioeconomic levels in Peru.

Intercorp Retail asked Summa Solutions for a solution that would allow integrating the management of its stores guided by the principle that its customers can find any product, at any time and from anywhere. That is why they chose Seller Center as the solution to connect their VTEX platforms.

Our Solution

Summa Solutions proposed the use of Seller Center as a solution to integrate the management of its 4 digital commerce stores Plaza Vea, Oechsle, Real Plaza and Promart. Seller Center through an app connects with these VTEX stores allowing you to manage sellers from a single platform.

VTEX has a native functionality that allows interaction between a central environment that acts as a Marketplace and multiple connected environments for the respective Sellers.

The benefits of this strategy

+ Various sales channels for Sellers

+ Brand presence (RRSS, SEO, etc.)

+ Campaigns and product optimization

+ Official stores

+ Visibility and control for the seller with access to reporting and monitoring tools

The Result

Intercorp Retail has positioned by offering a shopping experience with the customer at the center, through a curated catalog of products in its four stores and growing in the business through the incorporation of sellers with autonomous management.




Official Stores




Uptime during 2019.

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