Elektra’s Seller Center for non VTEX

By launching a Seller Center, Elektra managed to integrate multiple non-VTEX sellers to expand its product offering.

The Challenge:

Elektra a leading specialty retailer and financial services company that operates more than 7,000 points of contact in 7 countries. Since the launch in 2017 of its VTEX eCommerce has positioned itself as the fifth most important e-retailer in Mexico. To expand its product offering, Elektra adopts a marketplace strategy. To expand the number of sellers operating in their marketplace, Elektra needs a Seller Center that facilitate the management of basic marketplace processes.

Our Solution:

Thanks to the implementation of Summa Solutions’ Seller Center, Elektra can now effectively manage sellers’ day-to-day processes, like:

  • Onboarding of new sellers to the marketplace.
  • Uploading and maintaining their product catalog. 
  • Managing orders and shipping methods.
  • Servicing orders that have fallen into some controversy.

The Result:

Since its launch in October 2018, Elektra has substantially increased its product offering thanks to the integration of multiple sellers to its marketplace. With multiple interaction methods available in Seller Center (IU, bulk load or API) Elektra to have affiliate an important number of sellers of different sizes and technological expertise to their marketplace. In only 10 months since it’s launch, Seller Center has:

+250 Sellers

90% Non VTEX / 10% VTEX
Elektra’s Marketplace




Active SKUs.


Increased number of sellers

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