Casa Cuesta

Innovation of ecommerce in a market without development

The migration to Adobe Commerce with Summa Solutions that led, in less than 6 months, to convert into the store with the highest sales volume of the Casa Cuesta Nacional group.

About Casa Cuesta

Casa Cuesta is part of Casa Cuesta Nacional group. It’s a store specializing in home appliances, leading and flagship company in the Dominican Republic. It is characterized by offering a vast range of products of excellent quality/ price relation across all categories.

Since they opened their doors in 2001, they have been committed to being the best option for creating people’s home spaces.

With an inhouse wedding list, where the bride and groom put together their list and the guests chose the couple’s gifts from there, Casa Cuesta began an exponential growth more than 10 years ago that led them to the desire to venture into the world of ecommerce as part of your digital strategy.

“In the Dominican Republic, the eCommerce market was practically non-existent, which is why we faced external barriers, due to the lack of technical knowledge about this type of development at the local level, and internal barriers due to the absence of an internal structure that could support this new business model.

Sofía González, Commercial Manager of

In 2019 Casa Cuesta launched its new online sales channel: and made the Casa Cuesta brand the pioneer within the Centro Cuesta Nacional group to enter the world of eCommerce, a holding company founded in 1935 that brings together supermarket chains, toy stores, hardware stores, bookstores and jewelry stores.

A world-class solution with Adobe Commerce

Thus, after evaluating several solutions, they decided on Adobe Commerce because “it is the most complete, it offers the solutions required for our business model and it is also quite flexible when developing Custom solutions,” said González.

In this way, Adobe Commerce provided a complete evaluation of the needs and possibilities of the store in order to build a robust platform, adaptable to new features and improvements, customized developments, promotions in the store translated to the new sales channel; a platform that gives importance to every detail.

The migration 

Summa Solutions turned the migration to Adobe Commerce Cloud into a powerful, scalable, and flexible platform to absorb spikes in traffic without negatively impacting performance.

“We went from having an online sales channel that only supported 500 concurrent users to a platform that already supports more than 7,000 users browsing the site,” said González.

The main improvements in the redesign of the channel include: improvement in inventory management by allowing the customer to view an updated product catalog, reduction of Check Out steps by half, improvements in results in search searches and the option to apply discount coupons.

Then, with the challenge of improving logistics, they added Order Management, a tool that allows orders to be assembled and delivered in less than 24 hours.

“The results exceeded our expectations. In the last 6 months we had an increase in sales of 14% and we now have a catalog of around 10,000 SKUs”.

Sofía González, Commercial Manager of


Today the online sales channel represents 11% of the Casa Cuesta group’s sales and is the store with the third highest sales volume of the five stores of the Centro Cuesta Nacional group.

The road to omnichannel

With omnichannel as its main strategy, today Casa Cuesta’s focus is on continuing to improve the customer experience both online and offline and to make this experience unique through the different channels.

That is why the challenges that they set out to achieve in the future regarding ecommerce are to optimize dispatch processes and offer a delivery service to new cities, in addition to improving the content of the product catalog.

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