Aldo (the Staples from Uruguay) launches its new digital commerce platform with Summa Solutions and OroCommerce. |

Aldo now offers a personalized shopping experience for its B2C & B2B clients.

About Aldo:

Aldo is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the office supplies market, offering quality products and services with the different needs of their clients in mind. With a wide variety of comprehensive solutions solutions for enterprises, educational institutions, public agencies and end consumers.

Pioneers in the digital channel, Aldo requested Summa Solutions the implementation of a new platform that could handle both the complex requirements and optimal UX for B2B and B2C.

Our Solution:

After evaluating several platforms Solutions proposed the migration from their existing platform to OroCommerce, which would provide the foundation for the complex requirements of Aldo.  The new digital platform includes the following functionality:

  • Multi-Site: Implemented 2 websites and for their B2C and B2B channels respectively.
  • Support for multiple (nested) price lists, tiered pricing and price based on different selling options (units, sets, etc)
  • Printing supplies custom search tool.
  • Online integration with CRM for Telesales.
  • Personalized Payment options, delivery methods and commercial conditions covering the inherent complexity of the B2B channel.
  • Multi-currency, including the ability to show prices in different currencies simultaneously on the same product grid.
  • School pre-built product lists matching with lists prepared by each educational organization, helping parents find the right material for their children.

The Result:

The new digital commerce platform of Aldo now support the most demanding B2B requirements, while providing an excellent shopping experience typical of B2C.  Additionally, the integration with their CRM, ERP and WMS platforms allow a more efficient management reducing manual processes to a minimum eliminating points of failure and reducing the human workload.

The result is a platform that processes hundreds of orders per day and allows Aldo’s team to focus on the generation of new experiences for their clients.


Increase Conversion Rate.


Decrease Operational Workload.


Decrease Bounce Rate.


Increase Items per Order.

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