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Our company has a lot of experience in custom web development, where you need to generate most things from scratch. However, this approach is not always the best. In many cases, it is far more convenient to build upon 'the shoulders of giants', and the Open Source community provides some stunning starting points.

Why Drupal?

While Joomla! and WordPress are very good products, we find out Drupal to be a more complete, robust, scalable and overall powerful platform. It does usually require a bit more work than its two closest competitors, but the gain in capacity and sheer value greatly surpass that extra effort. 

We have implemented a variety of solutions based on Drupal, ranging from a news portal, a music channel website, a full-scale business directory, to several Social Network communities (one for vision-impaired people, other for design fanatics) and Charity sites. And of course, this very site is based on Drupal 7!

Our expertise in Drupal includes

  • Drupal implementations: we help you 'drupalize' your ideas.
  • Module development: do you need something not provided by an already existent module? we can build it.
  • Migrations: migrate your proprietary CMS, Drupal 4.x, 5.x or plain HTML to Drupal 6.x or 7.x
  • Integrations: integrating Drupal with your ERP or CRM systems (or any system you need to integrate with!)
  • Theme Development: convert your custom design into Drupal, with all features realized.
  • Support and Maintenance: do you already have a Drupal site and need to enhance or to support it? You can count with us.

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