Summa Solutions provides complete software development solutions, offering end to end services and capabilities, including diagnosis, consulting, development, testing, deployment and support. We are pioneers in the use of distributed Agile development methods in Argentina, focusing in consistently deliver the greatest business value to clients while retaining the flexibility to adjust to continually changing business requirements. Our strategy focuses in reducing risks, lowering costs and delivering results that are completely aligned with customer requirements.

Mission & Vision

About Us

Summa Solutions is Argentinian software development company specialized in e-commerce using state of the art technologies.
Our partnership with Magento, backed up by +50 successful projects delivered in Latin America, USA, Europe and Australia make us one of the top companies on nearshore and offshore software development.


To be recognized as a global provider of high value software solutions, helping to position Argentina as a well-founded source for the Software Development Industry.


To provide a dependable and technologically advanced alternative for software development, offering long term partnerships that medium and big companies can count on in order to satisfy their needs, offering the assets of knowledge, experience, competence, understanding, proactivity and confidentiality.

To become a venue and a begetter of highly motivated and empowered teams, with excellence and continuous improvement as key part of the core values; having rock solid principles centered on people, openness, sustainability and transparency.

To create a strong and fact-based identity that Summa Solutions is a very professional, low risk and competitive way of getting the best value from software development efforts.

To focus on providing global services, starting with Latin American and North American markets and growing into Europe and other markets when the conditions are appropriate.

To leverage the local presence in Argentina and USA as strategic facilitators for the operations, allowing Summa to offer frequent, direct and effective communication to their clients.


Our manifesto is the set of values, beliefs and mottoes that outline our steps. Each point represents one aspect of our way of seeing and feeling about our work. We found inspiration in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and in the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship, which we believe are not just pretty words but real values worthy of striving for.

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!

    Software development is done by people, and as in any social system, communication is crucial for success.

    As agile methodologies are lightweight in paperwork, flexible and adaptive by nature, the information needs to be conveyed to all project participants as fast and efficiently as possible. Having excellent information flows is essential.

    The role of a well defined, participative customer is also crucial for project success. Healthy agile development projects rely heavily on constant communication back and forth between the development Team and the Client during each short iteration to achieve maximum pace and results.

    We enforce Open and Honest multiple way Communication both within our teams and with our Clients, providing them constant update and visibility over project progress, issues, milestones and what's more important...working functionality!.

  • Cooperation for competition

    The dilemma is not to cooperate or to compete, it is cooperate to compete. In today's world, companies have to compete and cooperate at the same time in order to create more and sustainable value for their customers that ultimately will be shared.

    The concept of co-opetition (cooperative competition) was first introduced in 1996 by Adam M. Brandenburger and Barry J. Nalebuff in their book "Co-opetition".

    In our vision, it is vital to build a partnership network both at technical and business level that enables access to new markets, and to be able to provide world-class solutions for our clients. As in gothic cathedrals, the arches upon which the rest of the structure relies on can only be built using apparently opposing forces that eventually are the ones that give a perfect equilibrium to the overall cathedral.

  • Commitment 360º

    In Summa we believe that the only way to generate genuine value is by creating fair and well-defined agreements that contemplate everyone's interests. Commitment 360º means establishing a working relationship where all the stakeholders are able to satisfy their needs.

    We are committed to providing value to our Clients by delivering high-quality solutions within agreed timeframes, maximizing their return of investment.

    We are committed to our people and we demonstrate it every day by respecting them, believing in their ideas and rewarding their success, as we understand that they are the vehicle to our vision.

    We are committed to our Partners, as we do not believe in neither isolated efforts nor in competition without cooperation. Collaboration and joint efforts enable us to provide a wider range of services to our clients and create new business opportunities.

    And of course, we are committed to our vision.

  • Be Agile!

    If someone tries to fly denying the law of gravity, the only thing he or she will achieve is a lot of bruises (if lucky). Instead, those who understand its fundamentals can use it on their favor and create a plane. Same thing happens with software development. Uncertainty and change are not avoidable; they are our law of gravity. Agile approach acknowledges this reality, and offers mechanisms to cope with it.

    • Work as one team
    • Work in short iterations
    • Focus on business priorities
    • Inspect and adapt

    We promote a "we're-all-in-this-together" mindset. We prefer to deliver value frequently in order to amplify learning (through feedback) and to be able to adjust direction. We focus on business priorities in three important ways: first, by delivering frequently and according to business priorities, we ensure that most important features are done earliest. Second, we emphasize on completing and delivering user-valued features rather than isolated tasks. And finally we believe in living plans where changes are seen as a natural way to ensure that development is always in sync with business needs.

  • Empower People

    "Top notch execution lies in getting the details right, and no one understands the details better than the people who actually do the work." (Mary and Tom Poppendieck, Lean Software Development - An Agile Toolkit).

    Software developers are professionals remarkably well equipped to design their own jobs when they count on proper training, coaching and assistance. We expect them to get persistently better in the way they do their work as part of a learning process, and we consider them the center of our organizational energy.

    We found out that empowering people, providing teams with the coaching and assistance of an experienced leader and implementing a strong and sensible discipline allows us to deliver much more value than a chain of command type of approach, where everything is carefully planned upfront by a few managers, and then the team is controlled to meet a plan that they didn't put together in the first place.

    This approach, based on Lean principles, has been largely validated in many other industries (such as car manufacturing, health care, construction, insurance...), and it's crucial to pursue our company's vision: the entire organization is encouraged and required to always pull together to deliver higher value.

  • Sustainable value for our customers

    Everyone at Summa understands that first and foremost, our job is to provide customer value.
    To create and sustain the value generation we promote:

    • Excellent information flows both from customer to development team, and between the upstream and downstream processes of the development team.
    • Generation of consistent application domain knowledge across the entire software development staff.
    • Acceptance of change as an ordinary process and the capability to accommodate to emergent design decisions.
    • Creation of an environment that enhances communication to integrate people, tools, and information.

    At Summa, we favor the development of long-term working relationships with our customers over one-shot approaches. We firmly believe in win-win scenarios that emerge naturally from mutual collaboration over time.

  • Passion, Trust, Integrity

    These are the three pillars that constitute our foundation, and on which we build our company every day. We are passionate about technology; this is what we have chosen and what we think we do best!.

    We trust our people, partners and clients. As software development is becoming more complex by the minute, achieving efficient collaboration is essential to deliver value. Collaboration depends utterly on trust. We know that being reliable is not an option; it's a sine qua non.

    Last but not least, integrity is what drives every aspect of our efforts to a consolidated whole. Integrity means to walk the talk, to sustain the promise with facts.


Current Openings

Are you looking for a change?
Summa Solutions is constantly growing and eager to find passionate and talented people that want to join the team.
We offer an employee-friendly, comprehensive benefits package to all full-time employees, which includes:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Medical insurance plan
  • Flexible time shift
  • Working from Home
  • Paid Training and Certifications
  • English Training in company
  • Offices in Palermo and Tandil
  • Work with top eCommerce projects in a fun environment!
PHP Developers
We are looking for talented PHP Developers to design and develop Web Applications, especially eCommerce and sites with rich media user experiences. Candidates should be team players who desmostrate problem solving and time management skills.
Front End Developers
We are looking for a passionate Front-End Web Developer to join our team. Do you get excited by the idea of making web design and applications come to life? Figure out neat, clever, and interesting solutions on the front-end? You’ll get a chance to push the envelope using the latest technologies and techniques within a team of designers, developers, and strategists for industry leading clients.
Java hybris Developer
Our candidate is a Java Developer with deep knowledge of Spring framework and eager to continue learning. hybris is a software company that delivers enterprise software and on-demand solutions for e-commerce, multi-channel commerce, master data management and order management. We believe that it is a great opportunity to enter the industry of e-commerce, an area with a large exponential growth and career development.
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