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Asynchronous programming for Metro Style Apps

Last week I had the pleasure to work on the Metro version of one of our Android Apps, at the beginning, I was a little worried about a possible lack of documentation or a difficult architecture that would prevent me to get things done quickly, in the end it turned to be a really easy and straightforward experience.

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X.Commerce Introduction Part 3: Integrate technologies with X.Commerce

Following the X.Commerce introduction series, in this post I'm going to talk about integration with X.Commerce, a very important aspect of the platform with a real sample that involves Magento Storefront, Java & .Net Capabilities.
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X.Commerce Introduction Part 2: Registering a Capability

In my last post I wrote a brief about X.Commerce concepts and my thought about what is going on with it, in this post I am going to show you how to register capabilities, this post is a simple explanation of how to start the Fabric and register capabilities and authorize Tenants.
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Learning Umbraco - Part II

Hey! I have some useful info about Umbraco. Lately I've been looking into how to create Document Types, Templates, Stylesheets, Macros, XSLT and .Net user controls inserted in an Umbraco template.
I'd like to explain a little about how these items mentioned above relate to each other. Document types have been previously explained, so we'll just say that those are like data types, where you
can store information related to a specific entity. Well, the Document Types can not be displayed in umbraco directly, but through a Template.

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Multilingual sites with Umbraco

Hi everyone, recently I needed to investigate a little bit of Umbraco CMS, pretty nice CMS by the way; I needed to figure out how to create a site with multiple languages, so the first thing i did was to check how can i have my main site in different languages.


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Hook style extensions using Mef and Unity

Hi, in my last post I wrote about how making an application maintainable, or at least how to help that principle, the other goal we have in that same application is to make it extensible.
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Dependency Injection

A few weeks ago, we started thinking about a new product, as every new project, at the beginning it’s exciting, everything is new and so forth, nothing can go wrong! Every decision affects the future of the product so, if we don’t take the necessary amount of time to properly design the application, we can produce a brand new future nightmare!

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Drawing paths, finding paths and giving instructions

I'm developing an application that will run in a multimedia kiosk located in a hospital, mall, university, etc. and will allow a user to find the path showed in a map and directions to get to a desired location.

Acceptance Testing with FitNesse and .Net

FitNesse is a small framework that allow clients and developers to collaborate in the acceptance test definitions, run those test and compare the results with the expected outcome
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