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Persuasive E-commerce + Building your Optimization Dream Team

¡No te pierdas este workshop, dictado por Guido Jansen!
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Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 está llegando, y va a causar un gran impacto entre todos los que trabajamos a diario con la plataforma.

Viene con una gran cantidad de mejoras y novedades, y realmente requiere, como developer, dedicarle una muy importante cantidad de tiempo para hacer el catch up.

Es realmente una nueva plataforma, no un simple upgrade. Por supuesto que es posible aprender todo esto en forma autodidacta … pero… ¿cuánto vas a tardar? ¿cómo te vas a organizar? ¿A quien le vas a plantear tus dudas?

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Sysadmins Skills for PHP developers

Some useful infrastructure tips to make our software development better.
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Integrate PHP Code Sniffer and PHP Mess Detector in PhpStorm for Magento projects

Using PHP Code Sniffer and PHP Mess Detector to improve the quality of our code.
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Vagrant everywhere (and on Mac OS Mountain Lion as well), or how I nearly went mad...

You know, last week I was trying to get my local environments out of my box, trying to find a way to keep everything clean, separate and consistent. I'm very used to use apache with different virtual hosts, I used it on Ubuntu, and now I use it on Mac too.

Magento EAV Collections

How many times did you need to join attributes from Products, Categories or Customers to your custom collections, and because of the lack of such methods in the base abstract collection class, you ended quering the database to find each attribute id value, looking wich EAV table store the values for those attributes and joining each EAV table manually?

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Asynchronous programming for Metro Style Apps

Last week I had the pleasure to work on the Metro version of one of our Android Apps, at the beginning, I was a little worried about a possible lack of documentation or a difficult architecture that would prevent me to get things done quickly, in the end it turned to be a really easy and straightforward experience.

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iPhone style menu for Android Applications

Many times, we want in our android applications, a nice - Iphone style - option menu, unfortunately there is no native widget to do that, but it is fairly easy to emulate it.
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X.Commerce Introduction Part 3: Integrate technologies with X.Commerce

Following the X.Commerce introduction series, in this post I'm going to talk about integration with X.Commerce, a very important aspect of the platform with a real sample that involves Magento Storefront, Java & .Net Capabilities.


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