¡Qué Buena Compra!

Customer Success Story


¡Qué Buena Compra! is leader in Deals of the Day in Colombia. With more than 260.000 customers and 1.500 commercial partners, it offers a vibrant and dynamic portal where customers find amazing opportunities.

Some of the offerings are available throughout all Colombia, and others are city-specific. There is a wide variety of products (tourism packages, show tickets, health & beauty,  toys... you name it!) and new products are added all the time. 

The prices are always striking, but is not unusal to have really fantastic promotions, plenty of hot offerings that fly away really fast!


The portal was already implemented with a proprietary SaaS platform. It had good stability, but it was extremely limiting. It was hard, or plainly impossible, to add new features or functionalities with the required rhythm. The Deal of the Day business is very dynamic, and it cannot thrive without a especially flexible technological platform.

We had to re-platform the portal, maintaining the benefits of the previous implementation while allowing the business to implement new ideas

Of course, as just one challenge is not enough, we would be taking the chance to develop several much needed integrations with back-end systems, a multitude of new features and new business processes to help augment the overall efficiency.

Oh, and all this had to be pretty much transparent to the customers. They should just get in one day, and notice that the site was better.


We based the portal on Magento Enterprise Edition, developing extensive customizations for a large list of aspects:

Commercial Partners Management (products definition, accounting, logistics, etc), several integrations (with SAP, invoicing systems, e-mail marketing systems, logistics providers and payment methods), scheduled products publishing (including adjustable priorities and locations), publicity XML banners (to be displayed by other systems), edition workflows, reports, sales consultants management, Responsive Design, and many more features. 

Our client has now the business running on a platform that is not only reliable, but that also allows for growth.