Magento Imagine Conference: Notes from Day 3

Thu, 02/10/2011 - 01:59

Here are some notes, links to presentation and buzz around the sessions of the 3rd day at the Magento Imagine Conference. Credits to Simon Lilly to facilitate links to some of the presentations!

Magento Product Overview: Imagination Meets Innovation

These are some general Magento updates mentioned during the session:

  • Magento Experts Consulting Group:  A special group dedicated to assist with complex projects, integrations and performance tunning.
  • Magento University:  This will be the official track to get training an obtain a certification from Magento.  There will be trainings oriented to developers, designers and sysadmins. Initially in US and Europe, hope to see plans to get to LATAM soon! ;)
  • Magento Documentation Team:  As this has been one of the main requests from the community, Magento has created a documentation team that will be providing technical documents, wiki articles and (hopefully) will have more interaction with the community.
  • Magento Imagine Conference in Europe this fall:  It's official. This fall Magento Imagine is going to Europe. Place and exact dates will be announced soon.

Regarding the products the main topics were...

  • Announcing MagentoGO and MagentoGO Platform (Magento SaaS). They gave a quick demo on how easy it will be to setup and do initial configuration. MagentoGO is targetted to startups and small merchants as a first step into e-commerce.
  • They talked about OpenSocial, OAuth and Open standards for the MagentoGO Platform
  • Improvements in performance (especially Full Page Cache, Import/export)
  • Improvements and new features for Call Center support (offline order creation and management)
  • ApacheSolr integration. Wasn't it already there? 
  • Payment Bridge demo and PCI compliance

Buzz on Twitter

  • @PayPalx Combining world's bst CRM as a Serv (Salesforce) & eCommerce as a Serv (MagentoGO) wud most lkly produce amzg opportunities
  • @WebShopApps: Yoav now attempting to pull n the big clients with performance metrics
  • @WebShopApps Import/export upto 80 products per second #magentoimagine
  • @WebShopApps Finally fixed, bundles and configurable products in manual order creation. All releases.
  • @kristyfifelski New MagentoGo ecommerce platform has the simplicity of #Wordpress
  • @PayPalx Powerful & flexible, & SaaS based solution for Small & emerging merchants-turn-key solution, hosting, tuning, pci/dss compl
  • @zuno apps built on the Magento GO Platform will run on all Magento versions.

Driving Business Innovation with Magento

Jochen Krisch, Co-Founder and CEO, Exciting Future Corp.

[Slideshare] Driving Business Innovation with Magento

Import Export in a Flash with the New Magento Module!

Vinai Kopp, Magento Consultant and Trainer

Nice talk from Vinai about coding a custom module for import export.  Below is the link to his presentation that is more clear than anything I can say about it :)

[PDF] Import Export in a Flash with the New Magento Module

Growing a Billion Dollar Online Commerce Company

Alfred Lin, Partner, Sequoia Capital, Former COO and CFO,

Alfred showed us with extremely simplicity how at least 10 or 15 of the greatest companies made their way from zero to success and provided some tips from his experience.  Here's the link to his presentation.

[Slideshare]  Humble beginnings

Developer UnConference

Buzz on #Magentoimagine

  • @nickweisser "core dev team incl. @YoavMagento being challenged by @VinaiKopp and @alanstorm to be more open #magentoimagine"
  • @WebShopApps Karen Baker Extension devs keen to collaborate on tests, process, infrastructure, accreditation drop me a line. Let's see what we can do #magentoimagine
  • @aschroder Posted my #MagentoImagine slides here, thanks for the interesting questions, hope dialog on deployment can continue.
  • @paypalx: Trends to Watch in 2011 - The Mobile Wallet #MagentoImagine
  • @brentwpeterson: #magentoimagine core team recommends memcached
  • @kpschrade: Implementing asynchronous functionality in Magento #jobqueue #magento #magentoImagine
  • @paypalx PayPal Apps are based on the same tech OpenSocial as Magento Go platform - chk

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